In Love with my half soul.

“Hey brother, is that you?”

“Hey, are you listening?”

“Why are you crying?”

“Everything is alright.”

Its me, your own half, your own flesh of blood.

My heart is screaming,

Breaking through all the pain,

It is roaring like a tiger again.

But all in vain,

As I see my brother is still in pain.

In the grip of Almighty the earth is moving around,

Filthy minds are growing around,

But my dear brother, he has scripted the lifeline of the human beings, all-around.

It is high time now,

My stay is over,

I have to go back to the place, I belong,

As I know, everyone is not going to remember me for long.

But there is you, my brother.

Who will keep on recalling me all the time,

But I can’t be there for all the time.

Don’t get disheartened,

Time flows like water falling from mountains,

It never stops,

And slowly, I will escape form your memory.

I am leaving now,

My stay with you, have come to an end,

But, in life, there is no end.

Fold those papers of life

Which are unfolded,

Bring those moments which we had shred.

But don’t shade tears.

Bells are ringing, snow is falling

Birds are returning, cold is growing around.

These are the signs of my leaving.

I am returning to my grave,

I will sleep, there with a shade,

As fro now, I’m not a slave,

Earth will heal me, well.

But don’t worry,

My dear,

There is no fear, ahead.

I am going to watch you from the naked sky,

And it will be a long Good-Bye.


Stygian gloom


Just like a heavy music,

Echoing through my ears,

Leaving me numb,

I can’t hold it back,

I can’t move up.


Everyone is seemingly so strange,

That I can’t recognise any of them.

Life has stuck in a cage.

And in the end,


Death is what awaits for me

Death is what, will give me a new birth,

Death will store my sins and my belongings,


Death is going to cool up skin,


My wings will fly high to the night sky,

Death will recover my wounds,

Death will cuddle me to, my sleep,

Sleep will awake me to heaven.


I will be free from the prison

Woeful tales of broken romance

8e0b4c78db06795e27c9e35a34c35314--arthur-rackham-illustrations-winter-princess-598090064.jpgNow, I m returning to my shelter,
With woeful tales of broken romance,
Her war of words have raged my soul,
And the flames of hell will burn me to coal.

Her designations have ripped apart my emotions,
Similar to that of how Knights do torn apart their rivals.

Today’s essence of her has riddled my bosom,
So, demise is the only axiom.
Her barbaric vision has flickered my perceptions,
And there is no way to leave this hallucination.
Her atrocious face has seized my sight
And I can’t amble, tonight.

Fiery redemption or brutal preemption
Is that what you have done to me!
I witness my dreams into a sea of torment,
Your smile is piercing my heart like a thorn,
And then you make burn,
With flames of the sun,
Leaving me with the woeful tales of broken romance.


I don’t even know how long she has been gone. Its like I have been woken up in bed and she is not here. Because she has gone to the bathroom or something. But somehow I know she is never gonna come back to bed. If I could just. Reach over and touch. Her side of the bed, I would know that it was cold, but I can’t. I know I can’t have her back.. But I don’t want to wake up in the morning, thinking she is still here. I lie here not knowing.. How long I have been alone. So how… How can I heal?. So, how am I supposed to heal if I can’t….. Feel time!
The wind is blowin’ against me. I have tried a lot to blow myself into the wind, but she is not letting me to do that. She said she is not gonna come back, there is no love between us and we should stop dating each other. But why can’t she understand that I can’t feel time. Time for me has never changed for being with her to not being with her.
But on the other side of the bed, I lay my head and I can wait for her, even after time falls apart.

Ineffable Fondness

The blackness descended like ‘mascara’
Streaming down her cheek,
It’s like suffocating the stars and the moon with a terrifying blackness.

I sprinted

Ignoring the icy cruel coldness that clawed,
It’s way through the twisted trees and rain drenched pathway.

She was missing.

Past, the little cemetery where my hurt was buried and i lay sleeping.


At last.

Down to the bottom of the hill, where despair and misery lay hidden, broken, abandoned, in a lonely ditch.

Nataliya!! (her name is filled with darkness, I cant spell it).

Falling in my knees, the strings cut from a marionette,
Collapsing into a muddy puddle of a desperate tears.


At last I found her,
The long lasting pain and agony ended up with a black tears of joy.

Endless Dreams


I have stepped out, with my collar high,
Under the gray sky.
The air is frozen lace on my skin,
delicate and cold,
like winter waves on sallow sand.

In some moments I see my boots are on the frozen alley,
Covered with slush.
In others I transfix to the interplay of cloud and sun, above.

But this stone mosaic beauty won’t be able to conjure my mind.
The road is lonely,
I have crossed a clod state of line,
To reach the foggy winds of time.

The shivering coldness of the climate has stretched out towards my soul,
Just like the leisurely falling snow engulfs the MAGNOLIA, and makes it stiff and harsh.
And may be, that’s why my body has turned to ash,
So slow.

And the colourful haze is dead,
And I should return to my grave,
Where I can lay my head,
Upon the nature’s bed,
And the illusion is seeming to an end.